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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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challenge, the european space agency hanging out. they definitely win. here's gregg jarrett in for shep. >> russian declining to retaliate after dozen of russians thrown out of the country. mr. trump just tweeted. what's the story with the mysterious russian compounds in the u.s. hundreds of people murdered in a major american city this year. we'll take you to the streets of chicago where it's a battle of bullets and blame. that and more of the day's news coming up this hour.
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hello, i'm in for shepard smith. russian president vladimir putin blasting the obama administration for slapping sanctions on his country and kicking dozens of diplomats out of the united states. the white house announced the punishments yesterday in retaliation for russia's meddling in the presidential election. in a statement today, putin said, quote, we regard the recent unfriendly steps taken by the outgoing u.s. administration as provocative and aimed at further weakening the robert-u.s. relationship. the runs contrary to fundamental interests of both the russian and american people. consider the global security responsibilities of russia and the united states this is damming to international relations as a whole and said russia that the right to retaliate but he would not make trouble for u.s. diplomats dipld
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in russia. rich -- russia denies interfering but all 17 american intelligence agencies concluded the kremlin was behind the hacking. all of this hacking exposed thousands of e-mails, some containing rather embarrassing situation. the head offered the cia and fbi say russia did it specifically to help donald trump win the presidential election. well, the president-elect has said he disagrees and in fact insists president obama and at the dem e -- democrats are trying to take away from his win and the u.s. should move on. still, he has agreed to meet with u.s. intelligence leaders to learn more. however, he tweeted minutes ago, quote, great move on delay by v. putin, i always knew he was very sport. trump's senior advisedder talked
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to handity about a report that president obama punished russia to get in way of trump's policy. >> s was really disaboundaried to read in the "new york times" piece the allegation or see sun supposition that one rein the sanctions are taking place to is, quote, box in president-elect trump. i hoe that this isn't motivated by politics even a little bit. >> in the meantime we're keeping a very close eye on two russian compounds, one in new york, the other maryland. usual officials say the russians worrying them for spying. the state department sitting down today. we have team fox coverage, peter doocy in florida, and first the state department. putin says he will not kick out u.s. diplomats despite what his
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advisers recommend. what more do we know? >> that was actually a prize from what we heard yesterday. putin says he is no longer reacting to the obama administration. his moves are now based on the incoming policies of the trump administration. putin said although have the right to retaliate we will november resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomatics to restore russian-u.s. relations based on the trump administration. dmitry medvedev says it is the obama administration is leaving his term in the agony. the 35 diplomats and depep depths will go home in style. this plane is part of a special russian squadron. many are not happy be it. >> what happened is the have to
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leave within hours, and it's just not human, frankly, not human. >> the deadline for leaving is sunday. >> caroline, the state department says this is more than just meddling in the election. >> they say that u.s. person until in russia have been harassed, pulled over, and physically assaulted and permanent information has been broadcast on russian television. the russians sanctions are the sanctions against russia won't end with what mr. obama is doing. congress is getting in on this, senator ben carden has called for a special hearing on this. special congressional committees to be form, and senator john mccain called for hearings on january 5th. >> caroline, thank you. team fox coverage continuing. peter doocy is live in palm beach, florida. peter we don't know what the
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president-elect plans to do with these sanctions opposite he is sworn into service, right. >> we don't know yet. he could keep the sanctions, could get rid of them after being sworn in but the incoming white house chief of staff wants to make one 'opoint clear. the next president has no interest in treating somebody who may have enter feared with the american election with kid gloves. >> i would also say this and the president-elect agrees. we agree that foreign governments shouldn't be hacking american institutions, period. so it's not like we condone the hacking of the institutions and entities and businesses in america0. of course not. >> the president-elect thinks it's time to move on and start talking boot stiff -- about other stuff. he put out a between sentence at that time said it's time for the country move on but i will immediate with leaders of the
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intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of the situation. so, we know he's going to get the facts in an intel briefing next week, and a staffer told me this morning that the president-elect has no plans to personally reach out to president putin, however as we just saw on twitter, he will publicly reach out totime how are republicans in congress reacting to the president-elect's response? >> some republicans are going further than the president-elect, they're basically praising the obama white house for doingi] this, en though they think it took too lon. some are happy the kremlins being punished. >> it's gay to say we want to re-edge gauge the russians and have talks. that great. it's another thing to say they're our friends. >> so far his words have not
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changed but the suggestion from transition officials, in last few days, including a call this morning, they could change his mind could go in a different direction after he hears what high-ranking intel officials say about the issue in the next couple of days in new york. >> peter, thanks. let's bring in tara smaller, a former cia military analyst good. to see you. what do you make of vladimir putin's response here? it appears asymmetric, because historically the russians respond in kind to american retaliation. >> it is a little aseptember mitt trick and calculated, and to be honest, it's interesting because now he is putting barack obama aside and waiting to see about the trump administration's
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folks move. it will be interesting to sigh see if after he severs the intelligence briefing he can stick to line he doesn't believe the russians were involved in the hacking. everybody in washington, republicans and democrats on capitol hill are in agreement on this, and it seems they rafe "rave --" released it could of about offings in. >> president obama had vowed that his response or retaliation would be proportionate to the harm that was caused to america. yet the expulsion of diplomats or freezing assets proportionate. do you think there's covert offensive cyber cape eights that might harm russian compute are city. >> what you saw yesterday was the obama administration's overt act against the russians.
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there might be some covert parting shots happening as the administration leaves prior to the trump admission. will we know what those are? most likely not. will the russians necessarily know what those are? not necessarily. could it be something where we take some inflammation or where he us fingerprint is not on it. all speculative, but in protect president obama's statement yesterday he didn't make reference to the sanctions with the executive order were not the sort of totality of potential retaliatory measures against put. some there might be something co verdict happening. >> if you want the russians to bear a cost for this, you want them to know your offensive cyber attack, so to that extent, if it is known by the russians, is that the onset of other dangerous escalation? >> there i potential for escalation. that's you need to be careful
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when you bet goo this it tit-for-tat. i will say part of this is not just about punishing the russians. clearly that's a huge part of why we satisfaction sanctioned the russians but i will remind yaw that put of this is deterrence, to deter other facts, nonstate, other countries or russia in the future from carrying out cyber attacks not for the purpose of election enter phoenix but cyber ainterference but cyberattacks. the donald trumped a, michigan should be -- are going to be the targets of attacks. >> what do you make of donald trump's tweet: great move on delay by v. putin. i always knew he was very smart. that's going to strike a great many people as in a way too commitry, if not fawning, toward a known adversary whose
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interests are against our own. >> yes. i mean, i'm all for dip diploma, you need to engage with countries and allies. having said that, if states are take aggressionsive actions, whether cyber attacks or military action or things that violate or norms on human rights the united states needs to respond. otherwise you're left with a world where we sort of just don't do anything. so i think that donald trump will be -- be interesting to sea if his resident crick changes. this is not helping him among the republicans on the hill. >> he may feel the whole affair impugns his own legitimacy as the new president. just ahead, more on the secret russian compounds, luxury retreats for russian in u.s.
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welcome back. more on our top story are the obama administration shutting down two russian compounds right here in the u.s. the state department set a dead line of noon eastern time for everyone to leave and at about 11:30 cars and vans started leaving both locations. the retreat in maryland and new york were officially for
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diplomats to relax but obama administration officials say russia used them for intelligence operations. here's the maryland mansion on google earth. on 45-acres of lan, 90 minute drive from washington, dc. the soviet government reportedly bought the home in 19 2. -- 1972. used it to host parties with caviar and vodka. what else. in 2007 it had 13 fireplaces. there was a formal dining room and living room and a library filled with books. eury used to serve as russia's ambassador in early 2,000, call this place home for a while, according to the magazine. the new york estate in upper brockville, on long island, 45 minutes from new york city. david lee mel u miller, what else are you learning about the compound here in new york?
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>> reporter: it was bought as a tree treat for staffers to work northwestern at the u.n. mission in new york city. it's valued at $9.3 million. actual property taxes are $170,000 a year. but the russians are tax exempt. the main home was built in 1918, sits on just over 14 acres, has 11 bathrooms, despite a lot of activity this morning, neighbors say the russians kept a low profile. >> they lived here quitely for as long as i can remember. drew up down the street, and our paint parents told us the was a diplomatic hub for the russians. i know this is moore active during at the cold war but they've been here a long time and there hasn't been too much activity until today. >> the russian retreat being say kateed in maryland war mow -- was more -- there is a
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hundreding lodge, and speaking about the compound's being closed, russias u.n. ambassador accused the obama administration for destroying russian children fine. >> good to be a diplomat or spy. pound in. >> the russians have another large estate. this one in glen cove, long island, and pressured reports said is now virtually empty. it was built by industrialist george dupont pratt and sold to the russians in the 1950s. at the height of the cold war. and during the 1980s there were reports the russians were using the property for electronic surveillance. local community responded by revoking free beach parking.
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the russian government has additional property that diplomatters are using for families in the riverdale section of the bronx. >> david, thank you this year in chicago criminals killed more than 700 people in the violent time there is only getting worse. just ahead. we'll take you to the streets to get an idea of what is happening and how police are trying to stop it.
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the city of chicago wrapping up its deadliest year in two academic okayeds decades. there is a homicide tracker. that is more murders than in new york and los angeles put together. that number includes almost a dozen murders just this past christmas weekend. senior correspondent mike toben is like in chicago. what do the police expect for this weekend when the alcohol flows? >> reporter: that is really it. cops a. tis pating an uptick in violence when booze is poured on
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top of this never ending cycle of gang ven debt to -- ven debt tuesday. over 700 people murdered in chicago this year. 3,000 shootings thursday 2,000 last year. most of the tarrings are gang members, one official says the reason for the increase in bloods shed is policings has been politicized and cops are ham strung. >> "sit sizing of policing is killing more black lives. the number of police-related shooting in the cityes less than one half of one percent of the shootings in chicago. that means 99.6% of the shooting are civilian on civilian,
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generally black on black. >> reporter: 11 cases were gangland retaliation, the reason for the timing this gang rivals knew they would be home. >> mike, thank you. one of america's allies overseas weigh on the television win the u.s. -- on the division between the u.s. and russian. a break in the fighting in syria. the cease fire deal between syria ask turkey apparently now holing. will it last? that's ahead.
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see your lexus dealer. turkey weighing in on tension wes thenout and russia after the state department kick 35 russian diplomats out of the country and shut down two russian compounds in the u.s. the turkish foreign minister saying it is not go for anybody and they don't want another cold war. officials have been working with russia on a solution to the criss in syria. >> blake, put numbered president obama. >> he sent greetings to leaders of the past, like george h.w.
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bush gorge bush, xi jinping and sent a message to president-elect trump but notably absent from he list was president obama. however, in his statement this morning, putin did say the following, quoting her: it is regrettable the obama administration is ending its term in this manner. nevertheless, i offer my new years greetings to president obama and his family. not necessarily the warmest of seasons greetings there. >> congress looks ready to jump into this fray when it returns. right? >> exactly. the new congress returns next week. january 3rd the exact date. and democrats and republicans are calling for action. on january 5th the senate armed services committee, held by john mccain, is holding a
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hearing on cyber threats and the continue democrat, ben card 'is, urge can congress to move two potential pieces of legalization, one calling for additional sanctions on russia. >> let's bring in our panellests. richard fowler. know el, a republican strategist. richard, let me ask you this. even some democrats seem wholly unimpressed with what president obama has done in the way of punishment or sanctions. ben carden, top democrat on the foreign relations committee in u.s. senate, said these actions are, quote, not sufficient. he is demanding enhanced sanctions. what does i say when at the end of your presidency, even members of your own party are suggesting
12:30 pm
you're being weak. >> here's the think i. the the president is in a very tough situation help has 20 days left on his presidency. number two, this whole russian hacking situation really put into the presidential election, thus making it really lard for the president, should i go earl 'er and put my thumb on the elections, and the relationship win the united states ask russia has been icy. when we start talking about nato expansion a couple years ago and russians and the president have not seen eye to eye. >> even more rope not to be weak, timid and tardy. >> some of the things the white house has done because it cannot be announced because it is classified. we're not sure what it the white house or the depth of defense have bun and the russians would never report it because they have a closed media system.
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>> i want to be fair that best and ask you, noel, about the rockies from donald trump. said i don't believe this ass. don't -- this is true. is hoe not taking this seriously enough? >> well, i think a lot of people think he -- his tweets and what he said about russia appears to have a bromance so to speak with russia. but one of the things that's very interesting going forward is at the fact that president obama has laid this out so when trump takes office, he can do one or two things. he can either say, look, we're going to take these sanctions back, but he can use it as a bargaining tool and say, i will reduce the sanctions if you reduce your military presence in something like the ukraine. so he can use it as a bargaining chip, or he could say, you know
12:32 pm
what, what is done is done and own aberdeen had -- even own had done the sections and democrats and republicans and everybody agrees that russia really is not our friend and they have been hacking. and you can still -- russia already has sanctioned any. from the annexation of crimea. show to sanctions are in place. these are additional sanctions for cyber hacking. >> richard, this was an attack america's constitutional system and economic court. how is it proportional to kick out a few diplomats and freeze -- ithink all americans think is it the an attack. we do not really know what has he russiansed that is classified
12:33 pm
don't report it and our government can't tell us because of the nature of the intelligence i. think the further point here is to agree with noelle, is this idea that donald trump has to walk a really fine line here because the closer --wish is not our friend but donald trump needs russia in any type of counterweight to china. so, for him to take on the chinese, take on their bad trade policies, currency manipulation, he has to fine a way to, one, slap putin on the hand, and, two, work with him to counterbalance the chinese. so a tough spot. >> what do you make of putin response today. historically the russians retaliate in kick, kick out x number of diplomats. didn't do it this time. it's curious, isn't is, that here's putin trying to portray himself and maybe he is being gracious and magnanimous, and
12:34 pm
characterizing in clear and con size terms that barack obama is utterly irrelevant. >> yes, and that's a slap in the face as well but not even making mention and when you do make mention, sending him a holiday greatingment almost like he that the same pr agent as michelle obama, which says when you take at the low road, we take the high rote ad road. this is different for russia not to retaliate but is going a step further to say they can stay in russia and everybody can come with their christian to christmas holiday party. so, it's a different turn for russia. >> barack obama in his waning drays to try to make things difficult. for donald trump. i mean, if so, that's pretty devious and mean-spirited, isn't
12:35 pm
it and. >> i don't think so. i think the president is committed to a smooth transition. no want to go thank you putin's holiday pear -- >> why didn't he do it before. >> it could have done it 10 mornings doing. >> the reason why is folks would article that he used this as a smoke screen, he used this to help hillary clinton -- >> how does that'court late. >> if the president would -- eve the dmy hack, we blame this on the russians and shut off their internet, people on the right would be, this is wrong, he's flying to play victim, brow blah blah. >> doing some do speak. >> the democratic part to put his thumb on the hands of the election. everybody can agree with that. >> knowell, was president obama consistently weak in his relationship with russia and dealing with their various attacks? >> obviously. thick the was.
12:36 pm
look he is doing this on the way out when it really would haven't mattered would have been when he discovered it way back when. now he is doing it on the way out. it's very bizarre, all the foreign policy he is setting in play as he leaves. >> maybe he overthinking it. richard and noelle, good to sueow both. happy new year. >> the russian -- excuse me -- the syrian cease fire struck by the russians in turkey appear to be holding. in the deal effect at midnight, a british human rights group reports there have been a few minor violations, no reports of civilian deaths. this morning turkey and russia made a deal but all attempts for a nationwide cease fire have not dirk knee cease fire is holding so far but not everyone is
12:37 pm
convinced it will do in the long term. there are reports of some minor violations since it came into force. there will clashes and several places, including the -- opposition fighters there say they are respecting the cease fire but they're ready to reengage if it doesn't hold. and inned lib. still opposition to bashar al-assad, protests again calling for him to step down. people there are unlikely to accept a russian and iran yap backed deal and to complicate matters more, the cease fire das not include isis and al qaeda in group, fighting is continuing in the areas they hold. now it was assad who annoyanced the cease fire yesterday but it's russia who made this deal happen a long with turkey, and russia is out in asking the u.n. security council to formally adopt a resolution to recognize the deal, and if that cease fire holds, if it hold holds, all key
12:38 pm
players melt for talkness kaz -- talks in kazakh tan. >> drug traffickers moving marijuana cruise the united states bit they're not just bringing in the hooch from the south. more smugglers are turning to colorado where cannabis is legal. transporting it to states writ is not. just ahead, the new weed for weed.
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now for the cheech and chong segment, people bought more than a billion dollars worth of legal pot in colorado. that according to the state department of revenue. what some people did with some of the pat -- pot was not legal. feds say more drug smugglers getting marijuana from colorado and moving it cross state lines. asas today say they're getting creative, putting pot in potato chips or in peanut butter of in the mail. some drug appears forcement officials said keeping legal pot in colorado would be tough. i guess that's true. right and. >> yes, and the federal drug trafficking authority we talked to here say it's no surprise. for everyone on twitter who has
12:42 pm
guying me ha hard time, thatter is mo it to. marijuana plants grown in colorado are tall taller, riledder and more pole -- potents than the marijuana from mexico. >> people want to take advantage over the fact they can grow here and i don't see that changing anytime in the near future. i think other states are just going to experience what we have, and hopefully they can learn from our experience. >> according to the federal rockies high intensity drug trafficking area the number of seizures of colorado marijuana went from 58 in 2008 to 324 in
12:43 pm
02016. >> all of these states where the pot is being smuggled in, are they fighting a losing battle. >> depends on the next administration. counting this last election, eight statutes and the strict of columbia'll legal marijuana. some say the toothpaste out of the tube. >> people are still using marijuana, just they're more likely to use marijuana that didn't come from a mexican drug cartel. >> thatthat it true according ta university of san diego professor, an expert on drug trade and says legal pot is pushing the carted cartels out of the drug's a. >> they're diversifying their pour totals totals totals totalr
12:44 pm
claim activities, like kidnapping, scorings, stealing pet petroleum. >> as for president-elect trump, when comunicate to legalized mar mars he says in terms of dead dismal -- met -- medicinal, that's okay. >> an historic election. fox news was there for all of it. >> back up. >> the year kicked off with an anti-go demonstration. armed militants took over a federal wildfire refuming in southeastern oregon the standoff came to an anyone mid-february. marines in mexico captured the world's most wanted drug lord, "el chapo" fuzz guzman.
12:45 pm
>> world powers lefted sanctions again iran of inspectors announced the country followed through on the premier miss to dismantle parts of the nuclear program. >> president obama declared state of emergency over the lead contaminated water in flint michigan. the water is still not safe to drink unfill sirred. the conservative justice, antonin school school use died in february. president obama nominate merritt garland. the a judge ordered apple to unlock the iphone monthing to one of the killers. the feds later dropped the case, saying they were able to pull data from the phone without apple's help. in north carolina, the then-government, pat mccain carry, sign the law to limit
12:46 pm
bathroom options for tran general at the people. in response major companies announces plans to take their business elsewhere inch baltimore, judge found police officer edward nero not guilty of all charges in the death of freddy gray. the case enend with zero convictions against officers. the biggest shakeup in recent political history after trump won the national elect, and hillary clinton secured the democratic nomination, after an unexpectedly tough challenge frontal the independence center from vice-president, beany sanders. she chose tim kaine as her vpal outside. the wore mass shooting in modern american holiday heat then to 16 when a gunman opened fire in a gay anythingclub in orlando. killing 49 people. britain shock the world win it voted to leave the huronnan
12:47 pm
-- european union. >> nags' a juneau spacecraft true into jupiter's orbit on the 4 of july. back here on earth the fbi director james comey announced his decision not to file criminal charges again hillary clinton but before the election comey said investigators are reviewing thousands of newly discovered e-mails that could be related to the case. after reviewing the new e-mails, comey said he is still not recommending any charges against hillary clinton. the your saw major attacks targeting law enforcement officers in several cities. the deadliest happened in dallas. a suspect shot to death five officers, ambush style, during a protest against police violence.
12:48 pm
officials in florida announced the first locally transmitted cases of see zika virus here in the us. the feds since warned pregnant women to avoid parts of the miami area. nearly 300 people died after a powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit central italy. here in the united states, a series of attacks hours apart. a suspect stabbed ten people at manual in st. cloud, minute, an off-duty cop shod the suspect and killed him. that same weekend, ham made bombs explosioned in new york city, injuring 30 people. the feds banned the samsung galaxy note 7 cell friend -- cell phone from all u.s. flights 0 after reports of i it could over jet e heat and -- overheat and burst into flames. >> a massive hack attack on the
12:49 pm
internet, shut down major webs. cyber attack targeted the toy cat manages crucial propertied of the web. donald trump pulled off perhaps the biggest political upset. the billionaire and former reality tv for won the electoral college but lost the popular vote, fed deal castro died at the ailing age of 90. president-elect trump has called on the island country to improve its human rights record, threatening to reverse president obama's work to normalize relations with cuba. and the year closed out with a tragedy here at home. dozens of people died after a fire broke out at a warehouse in oakland, california, where controlleds hat gathered for a concert. city officials said they had been investigating that warehouse for code violations. >> 2016 isn't over yet. much may head on this busy news day including the search for a small jet that vanished with
12:50 pm
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the search is on for a missing plane with children onboard. the cessna vanished from radar last night while flying over erie to cleveland. local media reports say there were two families on the small plane, three adults and three kids. they were apparently heading to columbus after a cleveland
12:54 pm
cavaliers game. searchers say the weather was rough overnight and conditions were better today. >> we're taking advantage of the daylight at this particular time to try and locate any signs of life out there, and find the wreckage or find some type of debris or maybe the aircraft on the water with six people in it. >> the coast guard spokesperson says searchers have picked up faint hints from an emergency locator beacon but have not found any wreckage or passengers as yet. a fox news weather hard, a nasty winter storm dumping heavy snow, knocking out power in northern new england and in maine, more than 100,000 folks woke up without any electricity. some parts of the state seeing more than two feet of snow. dozen'ses -- crashes from the storm.
12:55 pm
rick? >> the brunt of the storm targeted maine and a lot of people got over two feet of snow. and without power you don't want to see that. temps are chilly out there. this is the end of the front. a tilly night here as well. but we have the kind of colder air continuing to pull over the great lakes, and you see ail of lake-effect snow that we will watch. the bulk of the storm is out of here, just some winds in its wake. this is a future radar, what we'll expect to see over the weekend. one storm in the southwest and a new storm that is going to be brewing here across texas and tomorrow across the deep south. this means for festivities tomorrow night, problem big festivities in times times squae
12:56 pm
tomorrow night. temperatures looking above average. this is the new year's eve forecast crown at the country. cooler this across the rockies. mid-youth forecast tomorrow noticing philadelphia, boston, new york, 40s, and miami still very warm. and chicago, 25. new year's day. , the start of the year, not that bad across the east but this little cooler air that's moving in. tomorrow not that bad, really anywhere. sunday we ski also pink across northern montana. ing this trend we have, frequent, you notice monday and tuesday the next shot of cold air comes in and we'll ball be dealing with that.
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>> we'll be knack a moment with the rise and fall of a former super power. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacementâ„¢, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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finally on the days in 1922, the ussr was born. lenin led the forces during the russian revolution and was the first head of the soviet union. he died about a year later. eventually included 15 republics and became a super power facing off against the united states during the cold war, but by
1:00 pm
1991, all but one republic, georgia, had broken away. the uss rahr came to an -- ussr kim -- came to and end. thank you for watching. >> the closing bell on wall street, closing out a banner year for stocks in 2016. and as we get read glory ball to drop in times square, what will the new year bring? welcome. i'm trish regan. some hefty gains across the board in 2016. much gapes coming since the election. because has the trump rally run its course or will 2017 be another banner year for stock? we're asking stock traders. good to see you. allen, -- >> good afternoon. >> hasn't happened yet. any estimate


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